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The Bright Sparks Who Are Transforming Nearly half-a-Million Young Lives

Students from the UK’s Warwick University have had another great year teaching Maths in African township schools.

They taught 96,626 young people last year. This means that Warwick students have taught almost half-a-million children since the annual Warwick In Africa programme began in 2006.

Warwick now wants to smash that half million mark next year and reach a million kids as soon as possible after that.

In addition, there have been big improvements in the children’s test results as well.  Warwick hopes this will encourage many of them to become Africa’s much needed next generation of mathematicians, scientists, engineers and technologists.

Warwick in Africa

When Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island his fellow prisoners adopted a philosophy called “Each One Teach One”. It meant that if you had a skill you would share that knowledge with another prisoner.

Imagine if we had that today, if every African student went out and shared their knowledge with another young person. That would make a massive difference towards educating the next generation. Let’s hope Warwick’s example will inspire others to follow in its footsteps.

For more details of Warwick’s great work in Africa please see:


Or to donate to Warwick In Africa’s work: http://ow.ly/L1Eu30gRK8N 

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