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Live On African Leadership University’s Campus – Radio Ubuntu.

Live on African Leadership University’s campus radio station Radio Ubuntu.


Teaching young minds at the African Leadership University is tough – so many challenging questions, so many ambitions, so many dreams as the students seek the information, they need to become Africa’s next generation of leaders.


I’ve just spent a month at the University’s campuses in Kigali in Rwanda and Pamplemousses in Mauritius teaching Communicating For Impact and the Africa Media Landscape.


Many of the 600 or so students run their own businesses as well as studying for a range of degrees. The ALU’s aim is to develop three million young leaders and entrepreneurs capable of transforming the continent.


They study Africa’s challenges from climate change, healthcare and education to urbanisation, governance and infrastructure – but that also includes what the students call Africa’s opportunities like its rich resources, its wildlife and conservation and promoting Africa’s culture, tourism and, above all, its young workforce which will be largest in the world by 2050.


These are critical challenges. For good reason the university’s motto is “Do Hard Things”. By the end of this century 40% of the world’s population will be living in Africa so there is much to be done.


Its new approaches to education and its determination to make a difference on the continent are getting international recognition. This month the African Leadership University was named Africa’s number One most Innovative company by Fast, a leading US business magazine.


To spend a month getting to know the students and seeing for myself the effort that is going into developing Africa’s next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs was an extremely inspiring experience – and I felt humbled and privileged to have been a small part of this great education revolution.


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