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Launch Of African Database Brings New Hope

2a. Patrick DunneA Business plan scrawled on the back of an airplane sick-bag has led to a database which has the potential to transform education research across Africa.

Patrick Dunne is the co-Founder of Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA). He first conceived the idea of setting up an organisation which would map the continent’s education needs and seek to improve academic outcomes when he was on an overnight flight.

Patrick told me the story of how from that small beginning an international organisation was born. Here’s what happened next:


Two years later ESSA launched the African Education Research Database. It’s a comprehensive attempt to bring together into a single place all the work that is being carried out by African-based researchers and education institutions.

1a. Essa Image

ESSA, working in partnership with the REAL Centre at Cambridge University, has developed this impressive one-stop-shop for anyone seeking to understand for is really going on in Africa’s own research to boost education outcomes. It was launched this month and is already proving a great resource:





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  1. Cordelia Adoli on August 4, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    What a great project to read about!

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