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An Earth Day First For Africa’s Satellite Sisters

Africa’s first private satellite is being built by school girls in the Western Cape of South Africa.

The Meta Economic Development Organisation (MEDO) has invested in this technology to empower young women to learn and succeed in the global economy by getting involved in science, technology, science and maths, the so-called STEM subjects.

I’m delighted to report that next year MEDO is running a very exciting campaign for Earth Day on 22nd April 2017. It is getting high schools in South Africa involved in a project to launch a 1000 Weather Satellites carried by helium balloons in nine countries across Africa.

The project is supported by the World Economic Forum for Africa and the SKA Africa project which is currently building the world’s largest radio telescope in the Northern Cape in a bid to rebrand Africa as a global centre of excellence for Space Technology. The data collected by the schoolgirls will be amassed in a BIG Data database and will highlight climate change on the continent.

The girls are currently raising funds for this project by selling Earth Day kits for individuals and schools to simultaneously launch on Earth Day. Kits will be ready for shipping in February 2017 so donate to order yours today. And be sure to watch their fantastic video on YouTube.

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