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One of the joys of life as a social entrepreneur is the chances it provides to meet and work with a host of exciting people. I’m so delighted to know and be associated with two young dynamic entrepreneurs like Nwabisa Mayema in South Africa and Frenny Jowi in Kenya.


Meet Nwabisa Mayema – South Africa

Mzansi Innovator

Nwabisa Mayema is the Executive Director of a social enterprise called nnfinity which seeks to empower African female entrepreneurs by giving them access to resources and expertise. Nwabisa is a former member of South Africa’s Brightest Young Minds and has worked with the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Joburg. She’s currently based in Cape Town but has plans to operate widely across Africa and Europe to create a network of female entrepreneurs.


Meet Frenny Jowi  – from Kenya

Frenny Jowi recently worked on a project to promote women’s leadership ahead of Kenya’s election. She is a former broadcaster for BBC World Service in Nairobi and London and has been developing radio programmes to promote women’s leadership and journalist training for the Media Focus on Africa organisation. In 2014 she received an Award from the Media Council of Kenya for her work.

Frenny Jowi


I’m happy to introduce anyone to Nwabisa and Frenny to develop our work in Southern Africa and East Africa.

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