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Gwendolyn’s Fight For Peace

Gwendolyn has just been named by Time Magazine as one of the eight young people who are “making the world a better place”.

Her Messengers of Peace (MOP) Liberia organisation has also won President George Manneh Weah’s inaugural National Peace Prize for its invaluable contributions to peace in Liberia.

She was born at the height of the civil war in Liberia in which 250,000 people were killed. The conflict was marked for its use of 15,000 child soldiers who were brutalised and forced to kill.

Mindful of how the conflict traumatised millions of Liberians Gwendolyn decided to devote herself to building peace and reconciliation:

“If young people can be used to forment violence and conflict, the very same young people can be used to bring about peace”.

Her MOP workers now tour the country to set up youth clubs dedicated to building peace in previously war-torn societies through the values of hard work, building trust, honesty, tolerance and respect for human dignity and diversity.

You can read more about Gwendolyn’s achievements in Time Magazine here:


and here’s a link to the MOP’s Facebook:



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