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The African Diaspora Hope (ADHope) charity is a great example for what ordinary Africans are doing at grass root levels to fight the virus.

ADhope is a South Africa-based charity which works with Africa’s migrant population who face daily discrimination and are among some of the continent’s most impoverished communities.

They live in overcrowded townships where they share communal bathrooms and toilets and don’t have access to basic health care.

That’s where ADHope comes in. It is currently teaching the women their human rights and providing health education and crèches for their children. It is also busy distributing food parcels, sanitary pads and sanitizers. ADHOPE started in 2008 to support all under privileged Africans including foreign nationals who suffer discrimination on a daily basis and who have poor access to health facilities and live in abject poverty.

ADHope isn’t an international charity, it’s a group of ordinary people who decided to stand up and help some of the most vulnerable people in the communities where they live – I find its work inspiring. If you do too you can help their work here: www.adhope.org.za


Contact Details:

Bank: FNB Bank; Account Name: African Diaspora Hope; Type of Account: Cheque;

Branch: The Glen; Branch Code: 259605 Account Number: 62611343211


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