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With the UK in the midst of a deepening Covid-19 crisis we’re not hearing much about how the rest of the world is fighting the virus.

In Africa the virus has now spread to 53 countries although the total number of deaths is mercifully still under 5,000 across the continent. Many African governments moved quickly to lockdown their countries to slow down infection rates.

Organisations like my own Humanity & Inclusion (HI) have been supporting those efforts. We are currently running 142 projects dedicated to fighting Covid-19 in Africa and beyond.

Our HI frontline workers are doing amazing work helping to contain the virus and supporting those who are at risk in the most challenging circumstances. Imagine trying to teach social distancing and hand washing in an overcrowded refugee camp where soap and running water are scarce.


Here’s an excellent summary of what HI is doing from our HI UK Director Aleema Shivji: https://www.facebook.com/HumanityInclusionUK/videos/1333209870196179/

Photo credits: Refugees in Dadaab camp, Humanity & Inclusion Kenya | © B. Blondel / HI




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