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Farai Seeks Fantastic Futures For Fellow Zimbabwean Youths

Twenty-two year old undergraduate Farai Munjoma is typical of many of ALU’s students. – He studies by day and runs a business by night!


When he was just seventeen, he set up an online A-level course complete with test questions and a study guide for high school students in his native Zimbabwe. Farai’s Shasha Network aims to provide students with online resources for exams and career guidance.


Given levels of poverty in Zimbabwe he offers a free service to the students, while some of the company’s profits provide school fees for the more underprivileged students.


Shasha’s profits come from selling advertising to companies  seeking to offer employment opportunities to Zimbabwean students who continue to be among the most educated students in Africa in spite of the country’s economic troubles.


“Education is highly regarded in Zimbabwe”, says Farai “all Zimbabweans have the highest respect for the teaching profession and most parents prefer to pay school fees before they buy food”.


Farai has also created an e-booklet to help parents become career coaches for their children:


He says:

“We try to avoid the “become a doctor, lawyer, and engineer syndrome”. Some of our early users are now in different universities pursuing a wide range of courses. We’re currently looking to partner with more universities and connect young people in Zimbabwe with more education opportunities”


“I have an ambition to make Africa a prosperous continent and to do that we need lots of educated young people. I have a lifelong dedication to bring a positive impact to the continent”.


Farai graduates from the African Leadership University this June when he intends to extend his business into other African countries such as Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia.

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