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Archive for November 2018

When Afro-Capitalism means 1 Million Entrepreneurs

When five thousand young Africans arrived in Lagos last month they became the latest wave of a Nigerian entrepreneur’s dream to create one million new jobs. Tony Elumelu’s ten-year programme wants to develop a new generation of young Africans who will set up their own businesses and in turn create new employment opportunities. It’s another…

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The Spirit Of Komla Shines Bright across Africa

The third Komla Dumor Award was announced last month in London. I was delighted to meet up with this year’s winner Waihiga Mwau from Nairobi and be in the audience to hear him present his first business show live from the BBC’s New Broadcasting House Theatre. He paid this tribute to this legend of African…

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African Skills Champion Bruno Brings A New Light

When Bruno Karaerua was in his house in rural Namibia doing his homework by candlelight he used to dream of bringing electric light to his village. Now he’s a fully trained Electrical engineer bringing power to his village and the rest of Namibia. I was lucky enough to hear Bruno’s success story when I attended…

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Females First: Africa’s Only Woman President Takes Charge

Ethiopia has appointed its first female President. The move follows Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s decision to give half of his cabinet posts to women, saying that he wanted a fifty-fifty gender balance because women were less corrupt than men. Dr Abiy’s Chief of Staff Fitsum Arega added that these appointments not only set a new…

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Putting Journalism At The Heart Of Ethiopia’s Reform Programme

Dramatic reforms are underway in Ethiopia since the new Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed came into office six months ago – he’s ended the long-running war with neighbouring Eritrea, released political prisoners and set about liberalising the economy. Media reform is also at heart of the Prime Minister’s radical change programme and I’ve been travelling…

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